Motorola Solutions two-way radios help those responsible for student safety to maintain order and improve response times.

Ensure communication between faculty and staff, and seamlessly coordinate student events on and off campus.

Why Two-Way Radios?

How Can You Benefit from
Two-Way Radios?

Marching band Motorola Solutions Two way radio


Help coaches and teachers keep in contact with each other so they can lead students without hindrance. Whether you need long distance communication between coaches at opposite ends of the football field, or subtle background noise cancellation for band & choir practice, two way radios have you covered! 

Faculty at Bus Motorola Solutions Two way radio


Work in teams to collaborate on student movement throughout museums or outdoor venues so lunch or bus schedules can be met in a timely manner. Contact team members easily and swiftly throughout any field trip so you can alert other staff of incoming emergencies or delays. 

Faculty using Motorola Solutions Two way radio


Manage tables and seating arrangements with ease, and split tables evenly amongst staff members. Notify faculty of inclement weather announcements, spills, disturbances, or accidents; anytime anywhere.  

Crossing Gaurd Motorola Solutions Two way radio


Two-way radios help cancel ambient noise of incoming traffic to ensure clear communications between staff and security. With two-way radios, range isn’t an issue when managing school zones and bus loading activities.

campus security using Motorola Solutions Two way radio


Improve response times to internal and external threats. Fire, tornado, and intruder drills – they all require radios to enable a discreet and efficient communication path for a fast and seamless experience. Allocate security staff for an immediate threat while coordinating with your faculty to clear students from high risk areas. Instantaneous and proactive communications combine to create better situational awareness and help to create SAFE SCHOOLS!

Auditorium Motorola Solutions Two way radio


When announcements need to be made and classes need to be rallied to the auditorium, let two-way radios help teachers coordinate. Our radios can assist light and sound operators working in tandem behind the scenes so they can shine a light on any guest speaker, theatre play, or graduation ceremony. 

Recommended Models


With nationwide coverage via 4G / Wi-Fi, this radio will ensure complete communication coverage for your facility, extracurriculars, or even your entire district! Cloud radio management provides the flexibility to make any adjustments on an as needed basis. Key features below:

• Up to 96 Channels for separate work groups
• Emergency Alerts w/ Indoor Location *Coming Soon* (TLK110 & TLK25 only)
• Online radio management portal
• Contact scroll list and customizable key function
• Bluetooth, GPS, & More
• Three-Year repair warranty


Motorola’s new groundbreaking technology, this radio offers all the benefits of traditional two-way radio communications with the addition of Wi-Fi enhanced capabilities! Improved radio design, the addition of a Voice Assistant Button (VAB) and web portal enable streamlined communications throughout your schools! Key features below:

• 1 Watt, 10 Channels for separate work groups
• Easily accessible push-to-talk button
• NEW Voice Assistant Button
• Wi-Fi voice queries with reliable LMR communication
• Two-Year full replacement warranty


The new and improved CP200D! This product offers all the same benefits with IMPROVED battery life, features, and audio quality in a slimmer form factor. Get all of the benefits of digital technology and ensure complete coverage of the largest school grounds with Motorola’s newest digital radio. Key features below:

  • 4 Watts, 64 Channels for coordination of separate trades
  • Best in class noise suppression
  • Best in class battery life
  • Two-Year repair warranty

Click Here for R2


The top selling radio worldwide, this rugged and proven radio product offers best in class audio quality, privacy, battery life, and performance. Get all of the benefits of digital technology and ensure complete coverage of the largest school facilities with Motorola’s flagship radio. Key features below:

  • 4 Watts, 16 Channels for coordination of separate trades
  • Unmatched performance and audio quality
  • Extremely rugged and reliable
  • Two-Year repair warranty

Click here for CP200D


A popular selection in the commercial tier product line, now available in digital! This is a compact and rugged radio for schools, offered at a budget friendly price. A limited feature set and easy-to-use form factor ensures instantaneous coordinating between faculty and staff. Key features below:

  • 4 Watts, 8 or 16 Channels for separate work groups
  • Available in analog only or analog/digital (BPR40D)
  • Compact and powerful
  • Two-Year repair warranty

Click here for BPR40 Click here for BPR40D


The newest radio product in Motorola’s commercial tier radio line, this cost effective digital radio product offers the benefits of digital at an economical price. Enhanced range, noise cancellation, and privacy will help to ensure complete coverage of moderate to large school facilities. Key features below:

  • 4 Watts, 16 or 160 Channels for coordination of separate talk groups
  • Rugged and reliable form factor
  • Economical digital radio product
  • Two-Year repair warranty

Click here for CP100D


A newly redesigned and proprietary radio product, this lightweight and feature packed radio offers flexibility to meet your demands. Alert critical staff such as administrators or SRO’s with private group functionality to keep critical staff informed of any emergencies both discreetly and efficiently. Enhanced call functionality, text messaging, and vibrating alerts will help enable schools to keep the right personnel up to speed throughout the day. Key features below:

  • 1 Watt 900 MHz, 50 Channels for separate groups or individual contacts
  • Full color display with navigational menu buttons and contact scroll list
  • Call functionality including private/group calls, private reply, text messaging and All Call
  • Two-Year full replacement warranty

Click here for DTR700


These small and lightweight cameras can be worn using a variety of mounting options, giving you video and audio evidence in a convenient and flexible form factor. First-person, HD video with audio will prove to be a critical perspective if there is an incident that occurs on your campus, helping you control the narrative released to the public. Increase safety AND accountability for students and staff alike with the addition of body-worn cameras. Key features below:
  • Easily accessible record buttons
  • Live streaming via Wi-Fi
  • Wide angle, full HD recording
  • IP Camera system integration
  • One-Year full replacement warranty (can extend to 3)

Click here for VT-100 | Click here for VB-400

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