Motorola Solutions products are a proven solution for optimizing safety & services!

Whether managing projects, or staying connected, instantaneous communications will prove to be beneficial to all team members in your Church!

Why Two-Way Radios?

Who/Where Can Benefit from
Two-Way Radios?


Allow staff and volunteers to communicate easily concerning child day camps, festivities, and Sunday School. Your different ministry teams can watch over children more effectively, and attend to any immediate needs with less disorganization. 


Complete sound checks for services seamlessly so every event has crisp and clear audio. Requests for lighting or music changes can be discreet, with no need to worry about distance between those communicating. 


Help maintain traffic in and our of your parking areas during normal hours and special events. Your parking team will be more efficient and faster getting families to where they need to be.  

security gaurd


Improve response times to internal and external threats. For quickly reporting possible theft or medical emergencies on your premises, your security personnel can instruct and receive information to the rest of the team with a press of a button.  Body worn cameras will act as a deterrent to suspicious activities as well as provide a CRITICAL first-person perspective of any incidents.

Recommended Models


Motorola’s new groundbreaking technology, this radio offers all the benefits of traditional two-way radio communications with the addition of Wi-Fi enhanced capabilities! Simple to use, powerful enough to cover most campuses, and light enough to carry around or wear with practically any clothing, this radio is ideal for different teams consisting of both paid staff and volunteers! Key features below:

• 1 Watt, 10 Channels for separate teams
• Easily accessible push-to-talk button
• Noise cancellation
• Antimicrobial properties
• Two-Year full replacement warranty


A popular selection in the commercial tier product line, now available in digital! This is a compact and rugged radio, offered at a budget friendly price. A limited feature set and easy-to-use form factor ensures instantaneous coordinating between different teams on campus. Key features below:

  • 4 Watts, 8 or 16 Channels for separate work groups
  • Available in analog only or analog/digital (BPR40D)
  • Compact and powerful
  • Two-Year repair warranty

Click here for BPR40 Click here for BPR40D


The lightest digital radio product in Motorola’s radio lineup, this lightweight yet powerful radio product offers exceptional performance in an unobtrusive form factor. Small enough to wear practically anywhere on person, this radio is a popular selection for churches wanting minimal equipment without sacrificing performance. Key features below:

  • 3 Watts, 2 or 99 Channels for coordination of different departments
  • Active view, hidden LED display with custom channel names
  • Extended range technology for maximum output in a small package
  • Two-Year repair warranty

Click Here for SL300


A newly redesigned and proprietary radio product, this lightweight and feature packed radio product offers flexibility to meet your demands. Added call functionality helps to ensure that you reach the specific people that you so that key personnel remain up to speed throughout the day. Key features below:

  • 1 Watt 900 MHz, 50 Channels for separate groups or individual contacts
  • Full color display with navigational menu buttons and contact scroll list
  • Call functionality including private/group calls, private reply, text messaging and All Call
  • Two-Year manufacturer warranty

Other Radio Models to Consider

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