Motorola Solutions introduces the Curve ecosystem! Your wi-fi enhanced radios can now connect seamlessly with wi-fi based customer call buttons & more!

What Is The Curve Ecosystem? What Does It Do?

Wi-Fi Enhanced Radios

DLR110 Curve radios offer best in class audio quality and range, with the use of Motorola’s 900 MHz FHSS license free communications. Enhance your radios with Wi-Fi voice commands to perform actions instantly – private calls, group calls, voicemails, and more!

Plug-N-Play Setup

Connect your DH300 digital smart hub directly to your modem at your location for instant network connection. Simply program your wi-fi credentials into the hub and send updates directly to your Curve radios and call buttons through an online portal.

Customer Friendly Hardware

The introduction of Wi-Fi connectivity to the CB400 series call buttons creates a customer experience unlike any before. Customizable messaging, LED patterns/colors, and radio feedback can all be changed real-time in the Curve portal!

Over-The-Air Programming

Updating user profiles, changing wi-fi credentials, and editing radio PIN codes can now be performed over the air. Change the associated locations and LED settings on any of your call buttons in an instant without having to touch the devices.

Cloud Portal Management

Manage your radios, digital hubs, and call buttons from anywhere in the world with the Curve online portal. Edit user settings, view login history, view user messages, change device behavior and more. Download and view analytics and radio activity for your users to ensure proper usage!

Future Proof Communications

The introduction of the Digital Smart Hub and wi-fi call buttons are just the beginning. Curve radios and associated devices are built to grow with your business. Future product tie-ins such as IP camera systems and body cams will further enhance the benefits of these new wi-fi connections!


Curve Ecosystem

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