Motorola Solutions products are a proven solution for optimizing safety & services!

Whether managing tasks, or staying connected, instantaneous communications will prove to be beneficial to all team members in your Car Wash!

Why Two-Way Radios?

Who/Where Can Benefit from
Two-Way Radios?


Experience clear audio even vacuums or hoses are running: With powerful speakers and noise cancellation technology our radios provide crisp, clear audio at any volume.


Rugged and durable: Motorola Two-Way radios are designed to withstand rain and wind, exposure to soap, blowing dust on all surfaces, vibration, and extreme temperatures – Ask us about our Water Submersible models!


Flexible options for range and coverage: Motorola offers many models to provide you the range you need. Easy to carry and use: Lightweight, ergonomic design makes these radios comfortable to operate, even when wearing gloves.


Enhanced productivity with Push-to-talk enable immediate communication with coworkers and staff, allowing supervisors to react to changing customer demands, weather alerts, and other unexpected criteria. ALSO prevent potential hazards with one-to-one or one-to-many calling with Digital technology. Many Motorola radios include emergency calling.


Improve response times to ensure your customers are taken care of, and wait times for their vehicles to be treated are minimal. Also quickly report possible theft or medical emergencies on your premises, your security personnel can instruct and receive information to the rest of the team with a press of a button.  


Motorola two-way radios allow site supervisors to monitor the location of workers, locate supplies, and plan deliveries on or between job sites quickly. Minimize downtime when coordinating your crews during deliveries.

Recommended Models


This only WATER SUBMERSIBLE digital radio product in Motorola’s radio lineup, this lightweight radio comes in black or yellow. Enhanced noise cancellation and an easily visible display make this radio ideal for your car wash staff! Key features below:

  • 3 Watts, 256 Channels for coordination of different teams
  • Illuminated LCD display with custom channel names
  • Completely waterproof
  • Two-Year repair warranty

Click here for EVX-S24


The lightest digital radio product in Motorola’s radio lineup, this lightweight yet powerful radio product offers exceptional performance in an unobtrusive form factor. Small enough to wear practically anywhere on a uniform, this radio is a popular selection for companies wanting minimal equipment without sacrificing performance. Key features below:

  • 3 Watts, 2 or 99 Channels for coordination of different departments
  • Active view, hidden LED display with custom channel names
  • Extended range technology for maximum output in a small package
  • Two-Year repair warranty

Click Here for SL300


The newest radio product in Motorola’s commercial tier radio line, this cost effective digital radio product offers the benefits of digital at an economical price. Enhanced range, noise cancellation, and privacy will help to ensure complete coverage of moderate to large facilities. Key features below:

  • 4 Watts, 16 or 160 Channels for coordination of separate workgroups
  • Rugged and reliable form factor
  • DTMF dialing for irrigation activation
  • Two-Year repair warranty

Click for CP100D

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