Motorola Solutions two-way radios help retailers respond quickly to customer's questions.

Improve your store’s customer service ratings and reduce inventory shrinkage in every department. 

Why Two-Way Radios?

Who/Where Can Benefit from
Two-Way Radios?


Motorola’s two-way radios for business and retail stores provide your employees with clear communications allowing your staff to make the most of their time. Managers can have conversations with their workers across the store in multiple group calls to get work done, while also retaining the option to talk privately with other managers. 


Stay in contact while never leaving your customers’ side and reach out to other employees to address various needs around the store whether that be spills, stock inquiries, or emergencies. You can always be prepared to respond with Motorola Two-Way Radios.  


Determine a product’s in-store status instantly with Motorola radios that will allow your staff to perform price checks and determine stock numbers instantly. We also offer hands-free solutions for when employees bring in products off of trucks like headsets and belt clip accessories. 


Use call boxes so your customer’s can receive assistance in low traffic or high theft areas at the push of a button. Connect your employees on the floor instantly as well as protect them for any accountability concerns with our body worn cameras. Let your employees be confident in their answers for a customer’s questions on stock, pricing, and availability.

security gaurd


Improve response times to internal and external threats. For quickly reporting possible theft or medical emergencies on your premises, your security personnel can instruct and receive information to the rest of the team with a press of a button.  Body worn cameras will act as a deterrent to suspicious activities as well as provide a CRITICAL first-person perspective of any in store incidents.


Let your employees be confident in their answers for a customer’s questions on stock, pricing, and availability with radios that can cover 300,000 sq. ft., and noise reduction for busy hours at your store or business. Reuse videos that are captured with your own body worn cameras to reinvent new hire training using scenarios specific to your business.

Recommended Models


Motorola’s newest ecosystem offering, these products combine the Wi-Fi enhanced capabilities of the Curve radio with the new Digital smart hub and wi-fi customer help buttons! Streamline store communications with the latest in digital communications, and create a seamless customer experience across your stores like never possible before! Key features below:

• 1 Watt, 10 Channel Digital radio communications
• Voice Assistant Button for streamlined talk paths (direct calls, virtual groups)
• Wi-Fi Call Buttons with over-the-air programming and customizations
• Digital smart hub – plug-n-play setup to connect all devices


With unlimited coverage via Wi-Fi, these radios offer unmatched flexibility as a wearable communication device. Wear with any uniform, and use with any bluetooth earpiece for a truly unique user experience! Utilize the built-in voice assistant to connect with key personnel and perform functions on the radio for the fastest communications available in today’s market. Key features below:

• Up to 96 Channels for separate work groups
• Emergency Alerts w/ Indoor Location *Coming Soon* 
• Mobile App for setup and management
• Contact scroll list and customizable key function
• Bluetooth, GPS, & More
• Three-Year repair warranty


A popular selection in the commercial tier product line, now available in digital! This is a compact and rugged radio for retail stores, offered at a budget friendly price. A limited feature set and easy-to-use form factor ensures instantaneous coordinating between different departments in your stores. Key features below:

  • 4 Watts, 8 or 16 Channels for separate work groups
  • Available in analog only or analog/digital (BPR40D)
  • Compact and powerful
  • Three-Year repair warranty

Click here for BPR40 Click here for BPR40D


The lightest digital radio product in Motorola’s radio lineup, this lightweight yet powerful radio product offers exceptional performance in an unobtrusive form factor. Small enough to wear practically anywhere on a uniform, this radio is a popular selection for companies wanting minimal equipment without sacrificing performance. Key features below:

  • 3 Watts, 2 or 99 Channels for coordination of different departments
  • Active view, hidden LED display with custom channel names
  • Extended range technology for maximum output in a small package
  • Two-Year repair warranty

Click Here for SL300


The #1 radio in the retail industry, this simple radio product is easy to use and requires little to no training for staff. A large push-to-talk button and limited feature set lets your staff focus on simple communications for streamlined communications. Key features below:

  • 1 Watt, 1 or 4 Channels for separate work groups
  • Easily accessible push-to-talk button
  • Simple to use
  • Two-Year full replacement warranty

Click here for CLS1110 Click here for CLS1410

Body Worn Cameras

A new perspective when it matters most. These small and lightweight body worn cameras provide you with video and audio evidence in a convenient form factor, providing a critical first-person perspective where other sources simply cannot. The very presence of body worn cameras will help to de-escalate or prevent confrontational situations, making these an ideal fit for your security or LP staff. The VT-100 offers an unobtrusive design, small enough to wear in place of a name badge. The VB-400 offers a robust and feature packed design. Key features below:

  • Easily accessible record buttons
  • Live streaming via Wi-Fi
  • Wide angle, full HD recording
  • One-Year full replacement warranty (can extend to 3)

Click here for VT-100 Click here for VB-440

Indyme Collaboration Add-Ons

Motorola Solutions recently announced a collaboration with Indyme. Indyme is an industry leader in loss prevention, customer help buttons, and analytic data tracking. This assortment of products and solutions includes the following:
  • Customer help buttons and BOPIS automated pickup
  • The NEW Freedom Case customer assisted locked merchandiser
  • In-store queue management and automated dome sensors
  • Real time analytics providing metrics and competitor data

Wanting to learn more about Indyme products? Call us today!

Other Radio Models to Consider

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