Motorola Solutions products are proven to enhance patient care with minimal disruptions in hospitals, clinics, & nursing homes!

Whether assisting patients or managing wards, instantaneous communications will prove to be beneficial to all team members!

Why Two-Way Radios?

Who/Where Can Benefit from
Two-Way Radios?

emergency room


Alert staff to incoming emergency situations so you can ensure preparations are underway and sufficient help is on stand-by. Utilize an escalate call or all call feature for emergency scenarios to alert all members with a push of a button. 

anti microbial


Reduce the spread of germs when handling Motorola radios due to the built-in antimicrobial properties (select models) that inhibit the growth of bacteria and mold on the surface of our tough polycarbonate housing. 

cleaning crew


Alert cleaning crews to spills or hazardous materials via a quick alert on a two-way radio. For hands-on tasks we offer headsets and belt-clip options that are great for staying in touch with the team. 


Nurses and technicians need to stay connected when transitioning from one patient to the next and assisting them as needed.  Use a two-way radio system to alert staff for incoming and outgoing patients, supply runs, and available beds. 

security gaurd


Radios increase safety & security of patients, front staff, nurses & doctors. Utilize an escalate call or all call feature for emergency scenarios to alert all members with a push of a button. For any loud disturbances or nearby traffic our noise-cancelling technology can ensure security personnel can communicate clearly. 


Our digital radios have private reply/private groups/All Call options for added flexibility and privacy. This technology, along with Motorola proprietary frequency hopping technology in select models, will help to ensure conversations between staff remain confidential. 

Recommended Models


Motorola’s new groundbreaking technology, this radio offers all the benefits of traditional two-way radio communications with the addition of Wi-Fi enhanced capabilities! Improved radio design, the addition of a Voice Assistant Button (VAB) and web portal enable streamlined communications across your facilities! Key features below:

• 1 Watt, 10 Channels for separate work groups
• Easily accessible push-to-talk button
• NEW Voice Assistant Button
• Wi-Fi voice queries with reliable LMR communication
• Two-Year full replacement warranty


With unlimited coverage via 4G / Wi-Fi, this radio will ensure complete communication coverage regardless of the size of your facility! Cloud radio management provides the flexibility to make any adjustments on an as needed basis. Contact scroll lists, emergency override capabilities, and enhanced privacy settings make this technology a great solution for healthcare settings. Check out the new WEARABLE TLK25! Key features below:

• Up to 96 Channels for separate work groups
• Online radio management portal
• Contact scroll list and customizable key function
• Bluetooth, GPS, & More
• Three-Year repair warranty


The lightest digital radio product in Motorola’s radio lineup, this lightweight yet powerful radio product offers exceptional performance in an unobtrusive form factor. Small enough to wear anywhere on your uniform, this radio is a popular selection for hospital staff that want minimal equipment without sacrificing performance. Key features below:

  • 3 Watts, 2 or 99 Channels for coordination of separate workgroups
  • Active view, hidden LED display with custom channel names
  • Extended range technology for maximum output in a small package
  • Two-Year repair warranty

Click Here for SL300


These small and lightweight cameras can be worn using a variety of mounting options, giving you video and audio evidence in a convenient and flexible form factor. First-person, HD video with audio will prove to be a critical perspective when investigating injuries or accusations of patient neglect. Provide both your caretakers and patients with peace of mind while documenting interactions in a secure and responsible manner. Key features below:

  • Easily accessible record buttons
  • Live streaming via Wi-Fi
  • Wide angle, full HD recording
  • IP Camera system integration
  • One-Year full replacement warranty (can extend to 3)

Click here for VT-100 | Click here for VB-400

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